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A Sanctuary for the Multiverse

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Sometimes, the infinite is discovered to be finite. Such is the case with the multiverse, where occasionally circumstance-universes unravel. There is a fear that perhaps enough unravelling might prove to destroy the very existence of the people within. And to this end, the slow process of protecting them has begun. For this sole purpose exists the Multiverse Haven.

The Multiverse Haven is a completely contained and protected pocket dimension approximately 500 miles (roughly 800 km) large. It's a round-world style, and if you travel far enough in one direction, you eventually return to where you began. The MH is populated by hundreds of thousands of unmemorable individuals who are little more than cardboard cutouts going about their day-to-day life. While they may seem completely normal on the surface, and during conversation may even appear wholly three-dimensional, they're not. It is only when you realize that you cannot remember anything you spoke about that the truth begins to dawn. They are placeholders, each removed when their place is needed for a "real" individuals. These cardboard cutouts display very basic personalities - as though they were programmed to be background noise and do their job. Only those beings taken from the various universes throughout the multiverse stand out as "real".

Within this pocket dimension exists a huge city surrounded by countryside and forests. The landscape is hilly without being mountainous, and there is at least one giant lake. Day and Night passes as normal, complete with sun, moon, and stars, and the weather seems perfectly natural. The only unnatural thing about this city is that there seems to be little to no smog, despite the technology involved.

The level of technology for MH is early 21st century. We've achieved such wonders as "affordable" PCs, High-Speed Internet, electricity and air-conditioning, but have yet to evolve beyond such horrors as politics and Reality TV.

The Haven is run by a group of godlike beings called the Powers That Be, too disconnected from humanity to really understand the difficulties faced by the people they've plucked from their worlds, too busy to really do much about their ignorance.

Multiverse Haven is a multi-fandom RPG, drawing characters from any fandom source, be it books, movies, computer games and more. The characters are dropped into a confusing and bizarre world, filled with zombies, strange magical constructs built only to serve them, and other of the Chosen few, brought here to save and rebuild their worlds. What they do with it - see it as an opportunity to gain power not imagined in their own world, or see it as a hell to be endured until they can go home - is up to them.

Staff and Communities

Account Maintainer, Applications, Plot, etc: n_stokes
Tagging, Plot: burning_highway

Email Contact
aeriste at gmail dot com

AIM Contact: yzaksama

IC Community: multiversehaven
OOC Community: mh_ooc

Character Lists
Taken Character List.
Player Contact List. Friends-locked to the OOC community for privacy.
List of Powers

Other Useful Links
The Bestiary
The Bestiary Item Guide
The City Map
The Orientation Packet
Combat and Magic Ruleset
Moon Phase Calendar
Final Fantasy VII Materia Guide
Final Fantasy VII Weapon/Armor/Accessory Guide
Final Fantasy VI Weapon/Armour/Relic Guide
A list of IC phone numbers
Admin Console List for Easy Friending of All Players

Applications are open at this time.

If you wish to learn more about the game and apply, please visit the links below:

Player Faq
Application FAQ